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Attention ENR2 room requestors:

  • Beginning July 1, 2022, the FM Special Events form must be submitted at least 10 DAYS prior to the event date. Late forms will incur late charges of up to $400 from Facilities Management. 
  • AIR is no longer accepting day-of OR week-of reservations. ALL reservation requests must be made 5-7 business days in advance.
  • AIR is no longer accepting recurring reservations for the spring 2023 semester, as of January 27th, 2023.
  • AIR will not be accepting ENR2 reservations between June 5 and July 7, 2023. 
View of the ENR2 building from across the street

ENR2 Room Reservations

AIR serves as a resource for the campus and community to reserve a wide variety of rooms and spaces!

Please view the Calendar of Availability and our full Room Reservation Policies below before reserving a space here at ENR2.

FY23 Reservations (UA)

FY24 Reservations (UA)

Community (Non-UA) Reservations

NOTE: AIR-managed rooms are NOT available for reservation for academic courses.

Our Rooms

Photo of ENR2 courtyard taken from the 4th floor.

ENR2 Courtyard

Outdoor courtyard on the first floor.

No tables or chairs provided; no A/V equipment provided.

Photo of the outside of the Cafe Commons in ENR2 will people seated at the picnic tables and other people visible inside through the windows.

ENR2 Cafe Commons

Cafe commons area on the first floor; indoor area only.

Tables and chairs in the cafe provided; no A/V equipment provided.

*The cafe commons is only reservable outside of the Slot Canyon Cafe's normal business hours.

Photo of ENR2 roof area, with solar panels and a garden area emphasized.

ENR2 Rooftop

Max. occupancy: 120 standing, 70 seated

Outdoor patio on the north side of the ENR2 roof level.

Two picnic tables and benches provided; no A/V equipment provided.

*University Police required for events occurring after 5PM or on the weekend

Photo of room S120A in ENR2 with a table, chairs surrounding it, and a monitor mounted to the wall.

S120A / S120B

Max. occupancy: 22/25

Seats provided: 12

Small conference room located on the first floor in the Cafe Commons.

Conference table and 12 chairs provided. Screen with HDMI hookup provided; camera for videoconferencing available via USB hookup. Table equipped with electrical outlets, and data jacks are available in the room.

Photo of room S107 in ENR2 with multiple tables and chairs as well as projector screens mounted on the wall.

Agnese Nelms Haury Lecture Hall, S107

Max. occupancy: 140

Seats provided: 120

Tiered lecture hall located on the southwest side of the first floor.

Fixed tables with 120 moveable chairs, classroom style. Two projectors and a house computer (PC) available for use; HDMI and VGA cables for connecting a laptop; two handheld and five lapel microphones; two front-facing cameras and one audience-facing camera.

Projector screens are no longer available; projection must be done on the wall.

Photo of room S210 in ENR2 with multiple tables and chairs as well as projector screens mounted on the wall.

S210 / S215 / S225

Max. occupancy: 60

Seats provided: 40

Seminar rooms located on the south side of the second floor.

Classroom setup with 20 tables and 40 chairs per room. Two projectors, screens and house computer (PC) available for use; HDMI and VGA cables for connecting a laptop; one ceiling mounted camera and ceiling mics; one lapel microphone is available for check-out only.

Photo of room N572 in ENR2 with one table and 8 chairs surrounding it.

N495 / N572 / N578 / N585

Max. occupancy: 10

Seats provided: 8

Small conference room located on the north side of the fourth and fifth floors.

Conference table and 8 chairs provided. Screen with HDMI hookup provided; camera for videoconferencing available via USB hookup only in N578.

Photo of room N595 in ENR2 with multiple tables and chairs as well as a monitor mounted on one of the support columns in the room.


Max. occupancy: 40

Seats provided: 35

Conference room/pod on the northeast side of the fifth floor.

Classroom setup with 15 tables and 35 chairs available. One projector and screen, two display monitors and house computer (Mac) available for use; HDMI and VGA cables for connecting a laptop. Videoconference capabilities are currently unavailable and projected to remain unavailable until Fall 2023. No mic available.

Photo of room N604 in ENR2 with multiple tables and chairs as well as a monitor mounted to the wall..

Executive Conference Room, N604

Max. occupancy: 36

Seats provided: 30

Conference room located on the sixth floor/roof.

Fixed tables with 30 chairs available; countertops available for use. One 98" display monitor and house computer (Mac) available for use; two HDMI cables for connecting a laptop; two cameras and remote mics.

ENR2 Sixth Floor NOTICE: Room N604, and thereby the roof, is given priority to high-profile events or notable university staff. If another reservation request is made from either of those entities up to one week prior to your event, that request will be granted and your event will officially be bumped to another room, if available.

Room N120

Max occupancy: 575

Room N120 is managed by Room and Course Scheduling.

Requests to reserve the room and additional questions can be directed to

AIR is NOT available to assist in reserving the room or providing tech support.

Photo of room N102 in the ENR2 building on the University of Arizona campus. Red seating and tables semi-circling a lecture stage.

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Room Reservation Policies

All policies should be taken into account as they apply to various types of events occurring in ENR2. The most noteworthy policies include:

  • Bump Clause
  • The Facilities Management Special Events form 
  • UAPD requirement for rooftop events
  • COVID-19 policies
  • AV technology policies

AIR-managed rooms in ENR2 are available and free for use by University of Arizona students, faculty, and staff, primarily for special, one-time events.

Recurring meetings may be accepted, but these meetings will be subject to the bump clause. Any recurring reservation requests that are accepted will additionally ONLY be scheduled for the current semester. 

AIR-managed rooms are NOT available for reservation for academic courses (anything with credit). The School of Natural Resources & the Environment is exempt from this policy for room S210.

Special, one-time events have priority over recurring events. AIR reserves the right to bump with 72 hours’ notice a recurring (or, on occasion, other) event for a special, one-time event. If this occurs, we will attempt to find alternate space within ENR2 if at all possible. We will not bump regularly scheduled colloquia for building occupants, classes for SNRE, or meetings for Arizona FORGE:

  • SNRE on Wednesdays at 2:30 PM in S210
  • SNRE Monday-Friday classes in S210
  • SGDE on Fridays at 3 PM in room S107
  • Math department colloquia
  • Arizona FORGE - utilizes room S120A for student meetings (times vary by semester)

Reservations for AIR-managed spaces in ENR2 must occur within the following timeframes:

Academic year reservations 6 AM - 10 PM
Summer reservations 7 AM - 6 PM

Reservations will NOT be accepted during holiday weekends and university closures.

AIR will NOT accept reservations occurring further than nine months into the future.

These COVID-19-related policies are subject to change and dependent on guidance from senior campus administration and the state and local governments. As guidance changes, we will make changes to accommodations.

Events and gatherings are encouraged to use the Student Union Memorial Center for space reservations, as their operations are most able to assist with event needs such as event coordination, catering, and custodial services.

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the use of face coverings is recommended, but not required in the ENR2 building and most indoor spaces at the University of Arizona campus.

Please review the current UA face covering guidelines and CDC guidance on the use of masks

Details on the size and capacity of our rooms can be found below. We are currently booking rooms at 100% capacity, unless guidance from senior campus administrations changes. We are happy to answer any questions regarding room configurations, socially distant capacities, technology for hybrid events, etc. to ensure the comfort and safety of our room users. Please reach out to our team at if you have any questions.

Each AIR-managed room contains:

  • Disposal surgical masks
  • Sanitizing spray bottles and paper towels
  • Hand sanitizer, stations or bottles

If you need replacements of cleaning supplies or hand sanitizer, please fill out our Cleaning Supplies Request form.

AIR will NOT provide cleaning services (contact Facilities Management Custodial Services). Please review Facilities Management policies and Custodial Services informational video for further guidance on cleaning.

Disclaimer: AIR is not responsible for enforcement of any campus guidance or mandates; however, if AIR is aware of groups larger than prevailing guidelines allow occupying the rooms, or any other violation of campus policies, AIR will notify the proper campus safety group.

If your event includes food/beverages at all, has more than 50 people attending, AND/OR falls on a weekend or after normal business hours, you MUST fill out Facilities Management's Special Event Request form to notify custodial and, if necessary, specify other event needs. This will ensure your rooms are clean and the bathrooms are fully stocked and supplied.

Billing: Because custodial does not normally work on weekends, if you reserve a space on the weekend your event will incur charges from FM. Please reach out to the FM Special Event team with questions about these charges.

Form Deadline: After filling out the FM Special Event Request form and receiving confirmation of submission, please forward the email confirmation to If AIR does not receive confirmation that you submitted a ticket to FM at least three business days prior to your event, we reserve the right to cancel your event.

  • Submission includes payment if you are not utilizing a department job number (S#) and have been created an M#. . 

Reservation/event cancellations: If the user cancels their reservation with ENR2, it is also the user's responsibility to cancel their ticket with Facilities Management. 

**NOTE: The deadline to submit an FM Special Events form has changed from three to 10 business days, starting July 1, 2022. Forms submitted past the 10 business day deadline will incur charges of up to $400 from Facilities Management.**

Food and beverage are allowed in ENR2 meeting spaces, provided the FM Special Events form is submitted and all university catering policies are followed:

  • For university departments or student clubs/groups, Arizona Catering Company must provide all catering services valued at more than $750.
  • If the catering costs are less than $750, the organizer has a choice of Arizona Catering Company or a caterer from the Approved Catering List.

Alcohol is allowed in ENR2, provided all university policies are followed. An Alcohol Permit Application must be submitted for all events where alcoholic beverages will be served on University of Arizona property. If approved, alcohol must be served by an approved licensed bartending service. Application form must be submitted to the Student Union at least two weeks prior to event date.

AIR does not support catering for non-AIR events; all requests and inquiries must be directed to the Student Union.

Alcohol in ENR2: Alcohol MUST be disposed of by event organizers or event bartenders.

Limited technology is available in each room and specific technology varies. AIR will coordinate with you to conduct a pre-event site visit, if requested, that includes an overview of the technology available.

We do not provide additional tech such as laser pointers, clickers, or cable adapters.

We do not provide on-site/day-of tech or AV support during your event. However, for emergencies, please call (520) 626-4949 ONLY between 8 AM and 6 PM.

Café Commons: Room S120, the Café Commons, is only available outside café hours (after 5 PM Monday through Thursday, after 3 PM on Friday, and on weekends). DO NOT MOVE ANY FURNITURE OR TABLES without help from FM. Doing so may result in gouges in the flooring, for which event organizers will be held financially responsible.

Courtyard: Courtyard food and beverage is limited to one-sided buffet lines only, except directly in front of the Cafe Commons.

Rooftop: Rooftop events must have UAPD security for the duration of the event if outside business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM). As of March 3, 2023, UAPD will also be required for events occurring at any time on the roof with alcohol. Directions to request can be found on the UAPD Special Event Staffing page. At minimum, only one police aide is required.

For any recurring reservation requests that are accepted, these requests will ONLY be scheduled for the current semester. 

Reservations are not confirmed until the organizer receives a confirmation email from AIR. Please allow 2 to 3 business days for your request to be processed.

AIR will charge non-UA users for ENR2 space usage according to hours of usage per day. Please see the table of our current rates for more information.

Community users include any groups or individuals requesting to reserve space in ENR2, who are neither UA students, staff, or faculty members. UA alumni without current UA affiliation are considered community users.

To use space in ENR2, community users must submit their request on the community webform. AIR will then respond to these requests with a contract and further directions for reservation. 

Community users will be asked to submit the following to solidify their reservations:

  • Payment (check only)
  • Signed contract
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Confirmation of FM Special Events form submission (if applicable)

Reservations are not confirmed until AIR receives these items. All must be received at least three business days prior to the event, or the event will be canceled.

AIR may issue a final invoice a week after the event. The final invoice would include the rental fee, along with any additional charges or fees incurred during the event.

Cancellations for room reservations can be made at any time without a fee. Please alert AIR of room cancellations ASAP as ENR2 spaces should NOT remain unoccupied and unlocked.

ENR2's normal hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 6 PM. The building's perimeter is open during this time, and normally closed outside of this timeframe. For any reservations occurring afterhours, the north glass doors of the building on Lowell St. will be open. The building's east gates will NOT be opened afterhours except upon request AND for events with 100+ attendees.

Accessing Reserved Spaces: The ENR2 building uses an electronic lock system. Doors for reserved rooms will open and close at the start and end times of a reservation request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For UA users, there is NO cost to reserving AIR-managed rooms in ENR2. UA users are defined as University of Arizona students, faculty, and staff.

For UA community users, fees will vary based on the space(s) selected and length of reservation. UA community users include any person or group who is not currently a student, staff, or faculty at the university. UA alumni are considered community users. Please email for the full list of rates. 

AIR's rooms in ENR2 can be reserved as early as 6 AM and as late as 10 PM during the academic year.

During the summer, reservations as early as 7 AM and as late as 6 PM are accepted. 

Reservations will NOT be accepted during holiday weekends and university closures.

No additional equipment or resources other than what is already in our spaces will be provided. It is the user's responsibility to request equipment and prepare the necessary resources for their event beforehand.

Additional resources AIR will NOT provide include:

  • Technology, including clickers/pointers, cable adapters, extension cords, and OWL cameras 
  • Furniture, including banquet tables and chairs
  • Whiteboard markers, erasers, or any other classroom supplies
  • Directional/event signage INSIDE the spaces

Please review the instructional tech sheets in the room and attempt basic troubleshooting on room software. If issues persist, users may call 520-626-4949 between 8 AM and 6 PM on weekdays only. Further assistance after hours is unavailable.

The FM Special Events form is a webform where UA users can submit requests to Facilities Management (FM) for equipment rentals and cleaning for their events.

Submission of the form is required if any reservation that will have food and/or beverage, AND/OR more than 50 people, AND/OR fall on the weekend. This is required at ENR2, as well as other locations on campus. 

FM operates separately from AIR; ENR2 users must submit their form to FM, then forward their submission confirmation email to

The job number is a five-digit number Facilities Management uses to charge UA departmental accounts for their services on campus. More information fan be found on FM's website.

For the Special Events form:

  • UA users can find their departmental job number (S#) from their administrative leads or business offices.
  • Non-UA users or those funding their event with non-UA funds can enter all zeroes into the webform. FM will then create an M number for the user.

No, there is no need to submit a new webform request. Please email to request changes to you reservation/request.