Host a RISE Intern

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Resilience Intern at your organization! Our goal is to provide students with a workplace opportunity related to resilience to grow their interpersonal skills and prepare them for careers after graduation.

The RISE program is committed to providing funding opportunities for underserved students and continuing to provide the support for a diverse and talented Arizona future workforce. We place students in workplace settings to provide experience and transferable skills they do not typically obtain through coursework or a research project. The funding from RISE will be used for student wages, and in some cases, food, travel, and project supplies.

RISE supports partners with funding to provide paid internships. Eligible partners include UArizona departments, government agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and international organizations across the globe. Internship dates are flexible and can be semester-long, summer-long, year-long, etc.  

RISE internships vary greatly. In some instances, students are placed in internships with a UArizona department and RISE sends funding to the home department to disperse on their own. In other instances, RISE staff work with off-campus organizations to develop an internship description, recruit students, and create an appropriate plan for payment. There are many funding options, and we are happy to explore what works best for each internship.

We accept internship proposals from potential internship hosts on a rolling basis.

As of August 2023, we have allocated nearly all of our RISE budget to more than 225 interns. We are taking a pause on approving new proposals until we have more information about additional funding. Please feel free to submit an internship proposal for the future, but we will not be able to approve it until we receive additional RISE funding.


All RISE internships must relate to resilient environments and/or societies. This can look like a lot of different things!

All RISE internships must provide students with a workplace setting or field work experience to provide students with experiences and skill building opportunities they normally do not receive from in class studies or from pure research projects. 

The internship host must have at least one person identified to supervise the Resilient Intern during their internship. Their supervisor should be able to meet with them on a regular basis to provide them with clear directions and guidelines and provide constructive feedback.

A strong mentorship opportunity is strongly valued, and the internship should provide students with access to a mentor during their internship. The mentor should be somebody who is invested in the student’s success and ensures that the student feels safe, seen, and heard in the workplace. Their mentor may be the same person as their supervisor, if that person can provide both, and it is highly encouraged that the mentor be a person that the student will work with regularly. The mentorship should be focused on the student learning valuable and transferrable skills.

Students will complete a workplan with their internship supervisor and have regular check ins with them to ensure internship deliverables are met. Students must complete their full hours and project deliverables for their internship. The RISE program requires students to work on projects that help them obtain workforce skills in diverse fields and work settings, therefore specific deliverables will vary depending on the internship.

Funding is prioritized on supporting student wages for internship participation. Limited funding support for food and travel is also available. Proposed budgets are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and it is encouraged to include all project costs in the proposed budget. The budget will go through a review process and feedback will be communicated with partners on allowable and non-allowable costs. 

Ideal internships include those that already exist and have an established infrastructure. In the case that your organization does not have an internship program established or ability to pay a student directly, we are happy to work with you and provide support with infrastructure (application process, recruitment, student pay). 

All partners interested in funding their internship opportunities can submit a proposal application through the Resilience Internships and Student Experiences webpage through the Internship Survey. Applicants will also be asked to submit a proposed budget and must use the indicated Budget Template that is on the RISE webpage. Once application is received it will go through the review process and applicants will be contacted by the RISE program. Programs are encouraged to submit one proposal per project and include all students participating in that project in the proposal. 

In addition to providing funding, the RISE Program can assist with recruitment for interested internship programs. RISE staff will list internship opportunities for students to review, and students will be able to apply through the website. Students applying for internships on the website can choose their top two internship choices from the available internships listed for partners. RISE will forward along the applications to host partner organizations who will then be responsible for interviewing and selecting their final candidate. 

If you are interested in hosting a UArizona intern, please submit your application below.

Internship Application for Host Organizations  Budget Template